Sunrises…They Never Get Old

Greene Cottage Afloat On a Sea of Grass

This is a shot of Greene Cottage afloat on a sea of grass that surrounds her.

The cottage is also sporting her new rocking chairs, a couple of yard sale beauties that were picked up a couple of years ago in near by Cape Charles VA.

These rockers are perfect for sitting and thinking big […]

Magic Technology That Changed My Life


This is a picture of the omni directional high gain antenna that came with my Wilson Electronics DB pro cellular signal magically delicious signal booster.

I live and work in an area that is blessed with beautiful sunrises, sunsets and lovely open water views, but plagued by poor cell […]

A note I wrote to myself in Jan 2011

Strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, quickness. When you have these things or are these things, you are ready when the call comes to:

Hop on a freighter to panama for a week long kite boarding session

Try some new crazy sport

Compete in a pickup anything game

You are ready for anything.

If however you are […]


The Inspiration for Greene Cottage came from Pear Valley. Pear Valley is a very old little house in Northampton County Virginia

Pear Valley is dated to about 1740 which makes it one of the oldest buildings of its kind in VA.

Pear Valley was the home of a fairly wealthy planter and his […]

As Promised…More Pics

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Comfortable Equals Complacent

For the last four years or so I have enjoyed the most off the hook office experience of my life. I have been using an office in Eastville Virginia that, on a bad day, could be found any design magazine (my cheesy cell phone pics don’t do it justice) Custom mosaic tile bath room, […]

Storm Clouds Gather Over Greene Cottage

Last night just as the sun was setting and a nasty thunderstorm was passing through, I caught this shot of the Greene Cottage proudly sporting her new white coat. There is just something about living where we do in Northampton County Va. that gets you tuned into weather. I don’t know if it is […]

Greene Cottage Goes White

The original Greene Cottage was allowed to age naturally for about a year. Now that the building has had a chance to settle and do its natural movement we have begun to apply a protective coat of white stain. This will serve to protect the wood from the harsh marine environment where it presently lives […]

Reckless Abandon

The most interesting stuff I have been involved with and have done in my adult life has all been pursued with Reckless Abandon. I just rushed in, hair on fire, terrified, not knowing what was going to happen but determined to make something happen.

-Courting the woman that would become my wife (Suzanne): didn’t have […]