One very simple word, Zig.  Is Zig actually a word? Probably not.  Zigging is what you do when everyone else is Zagging.  This activity, if practiced like a religion does several things.

When you are an early Zigger, you are most likely shunned by all the other Zaggers around you.  Nature doesn’t like Ziggers and it’s not just humans either, remember how they treated Rudolf?  He was a Zigger and everyone (except that little hottie Clairice) shunned him (more on Clairice in a second)

Young, inexperienced Ziggers do things differently than the crowd.  They don’t participate in the stuff the cool kids do, or they are sooo cool they do things far cooler than the crowd,  In any case they are set apart from the crowd and that can be a very lonely place.

If you have a child that is choosing the Zigger path, it can be very painful to watch as the group tries to bully them into conforming, eventually leading to either conformity or shunning.

This all changes when the Zigger path leads inevitably to material success.  Then the Zigger is labeled a maverick and the crowd embraces him as a rebel, a revolutionary, brilliant.  The path to this success is a dark and lonely one.

The path in the yellow wood one well worn, the other much less so.  What about the third path?  The one you hack out of the woods, the one you create.

Two paths meet in a yellow wood, I chose neither but rather cut my own and that was really really hard but I pressed on and that pressing alone made all the difference.

Anyone can Zag, lots and lots of people are really good at Zagging and playing the established well worn game.  Most of the wordd belongs to the Zagging club.  Ziggers are much more rare.  Rare, almost always is more valuable.  All hail the Ziggers of the world they are the ones that change things.  (and they sometimes even get the girl ala Clairice)

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