Greene Cottage Goes White

The original Greene Cottage was allowed to age naturally for about a year.  Now that the building has had a chance to settle and do its natural movement we have begun to apply a protective coat of white stain.  This will serve to protect the wood from the harsh marine environment where it presently lives as well as have it be one with its other Northampton Co. brothers and sisters. (I think 75% of the historic homes on the shore are white)

The craftsman applying the fresh coat is a gentleman we have done other historic paint work with, Lynwood Drummond.  Lynwood is a wonderful guy, does outstanding work, and is fun to work with.  Lynwood painted all our barns including a civil war era structure that recently had some major restoration perfomed by our master carpenter/friend/ and collegue Scott Sims.

I will be sure to include some updated shots of the newly white Greene Cottage when it is completed.


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