Exterior Features

The exterior is pretty much finished with the exception of a couple coats of paint and perhaps a shutter or two.  There are two floors, the second is on the dormer side and is more of a loft with a mac daddy view of the water.

The house is modeled after several historical homes here on the shore that follow an architectural style called “big house, little house, colonnade, kitchen”  These are very long houses that evolved over time as kids and money either required or permitted.  My cottage is the “little house”  it is the one that would have been built first than added onto.

The building is made of recycled lumber all harvested within 10 miles of where the house sits today.  It is constructed out of “true” lumber  a 2X8 is a 2X8 which gives the interior a very substantial post and beam feel.  My carpenter that built it is a trim guy so it is framed like a trim guy would frame.  Very neat, plumb, square, etc.  The interior will not be finished with anything other than paint and the framing is the trim.

The house is built pretty much as it would have been built 100 years ago, no plywood, no house rap, nothing that was not available 100 years ago.

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